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Hoss Turlington on the Issues

Informant Based Law Enforcement Industry

Delaware County’s Snitch Based Law Enforcement results in many problems for the Community

1. Letting criminals make snitch deals with Law Enforcement results in protecting those criminals from prosecution for their own crimes.

2. When criminals are allowed to snitch on their family and friends in exchange for their freedom, they continue to commit crimes against the community. The government is teaching them its okay to commit crime as long as they snitch.

3.  Criminals (snitches, state’s witnesses, etc.) who assist the prosecutor are never charged with perjury. Because of this, snitch testimony is often false. Resources spent chasing false testimony down rabbit holes could be spent on fighting real crime against citizens. When I am Sheriff, prior to giving a statement to Police, Snitches will sign a statement of understanding that they could be charged with perjury and filing a false police report if they lie.  

As Sheriff, I care about ALL crime, but I will focus on crime that directly impacts innocent people, not victimless crime. We need to lock up real criminals and we need to find other ways of dealing with non violent crime. Some people might say that all crime should be treated the same, but we've been doing it their way for decades and it hasn't hasn't worked. 

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Professional- Law Enforcement Officers Must be Physically Fit, Ethical, Technically Proficient, and Courteous

A good law enforcement officer must be physically capable of doing his job, ethically sound, and he must be courteous because he is a public servant.


Physically Fit: 

When I’m Sheriff, these will be written policy that every troop will understand and agree to as a condition of employment. When I am Sheriff, deputies will adhere to similar height/weight standards that soldiers follow in the Army's fitness program. Height/Weight standards will be waived for those passing the Army fitness test (pushups / sit-ups / 2 mile run).

The bottom line is that every law enforcement officer, including the Sheriff, must be capable of apprehending a hostile suspect. 



Delaware County has a long dark history of corruption in both law enforcement and civil government. There is no program to recuperate a man's integrity.

If a deputy lies on the stand, or otherwise commits perjury, steals from the evidence lockers, or pockets money from a suspect, (all of which has been documented in the Delaware County Sheriff's Department), he is finished. 

No second chances when it comes to integrity when I am Sheriff. One strike and you are out.


Technically Proficient:

Far too many Delco officers confuse Reasonable Suspicion with Probable Cause. Probable Cause is the legal standard required to make an arrest and it means there is more evidence a crime was committed than not. Reasonable Suspicion is the legal standard officers use when relying on  their intuition and a totality of the evidence to temporarily detain individuals for further investigation.

For a long time now, the attitude of many Delaware County officers has  been to arrest citizens without Probable Cause, and let the lawyers sort it out. This has resulted in an enormous number of wrongful arrests. They do this because they either don’t understand probable cause, or they don’t care. No officer in Delaware County has ever faced any  consequences for making an arrest without probable cause. On the other hand, the arrested citizen faces severe consequences. They are sent to the Delaware County jail where rape and torture and other inhumane behavior are all documented and have been the norm for decades. Then they have to produce thousands of dollars for bail to escape the rape and torture, then they are expected to retain an attorney for ten to twenty thousand dollars. Even worse, if you are the one being arrested, you are expected to come up with ten to twenty thousand dollars for an attorney. Most law abiding citizens in Delaware County cannot afford that. Even after paying thousands of dollars (often their life savings) for their freedom, they will be pressured to either rat on their friends or family or accept a plea deal to avoid more prison time. 

Judges and prosecutors routinely drop or dismiss Delaware County cases due to lack of evidence. While that might feel like justice is being served, it reveals a bigger problem. It merely proves that our law enforcement officers are charging and arresting citizens without sufficient evidence.

My deputies will not arrest unless they have Probable Cause.

The only legitimate reason to cage a man is if he presents an imminent threat to other people or if he has an outstanding warrant.

All of my deputies will be trained in what constitutes Probable Cause.

All my deputies will receive constant refresher training in law enforcement, but the most of all in the legal standard for stopping citizens and the legal standard for arresting citizens. My deputies will have the attitude, when in doubt, don’t put someone in a cage. When deputies  have probable cause, that is- there exists more evidence the suspect committed a crime than evidence exists he did not- they will make a professional, legal arrest.

Other Delaware County Law Enforcement agencies will follow suit. I guarantee it.



Courtesy: Law Enforcement Officers are Public servants. Every time an officer interacts with a citizen, he is talking to his Employer. Officers are paid to be professional when talking to Citizens. It is not the Citizen’s job to be professional toward the Officer. The best way for the officer to deescalate a situation is to be polite. When he is abrasive or arrogant, it escalates the situation into something it probably didn’t need to be.

As Police Instructor David “Robocop” Sergeant teaches police candidates,
“You don’t have to be rude to people just because you have some authority”.


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