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Make Delco Safe Again.
Retired Military.                                        Anti-Corruption.
Primary Election Tuesday,  28 June


A Sheriff's primary duty is to protect the rights of Citizens.

Meet Hoss

This is what good law enforcement looks like



Free link to The Most Dangerous Man and the Rape of Delaware County






Stop the Corruption, Please Donate
We know there is alot of poverty in Delaware County. That is why there is alot of corruption. The type of people in power *always* exploit the poor. That is normal to them. If you can't afford an extra $5 (and they are Delco citizens who can't), you are still important to Hoss and we just ask that you vote on the below dates. If you don't want change, don't vote for Hoss. If you or a loved one have felt the weight of Delco corruption, or if you are just tired of seeing criminals put back on the street, used drug needles in our children's parks, or being ripped off by protected informants, vote for Hoss. Primary Election is 28 June. See sidebar link for information on registering deadlines, etc.
$1,465.00 of $5,000.00
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Committee to Elect Hoss Turlington
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